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I Am/You Are

collaborative walls by
{Pipe} Dr@ms
Jay Masanotti (Mr. M)
Kyle Rippey

I Am/You Are is a set of interactive boxed structures covered with graffiti style calligraphy and written by the public. The words written upon the boxes are a reflection of private vs. public perception of self and community, influenced by the music resonating from the inside of the box. Mr. M (sound artist/DJ) will literally place himself inside of the box to construct musical mixes reflective of this fusion of the personal and universal. Externally, Dia1518 and the community will use text and drawings to meditate on these themes, sketching what he calls Mind Maps (diagrams). These conceptual diagrams chart the dichotomy of who we are from a public perspective vs who we are from a private perspective. The community will be invited to scribe/diagram upon the boxes, starting with the terms “I am” or “You are”.

This project will culminate with a video/interviews of participants, expressing their understanding of community, public vs private perception, and their hopes for the development of our local and global community. This video will be developed by Kyle Rippey.

The UNC Charlotte Center City Building’s Community Day will take place Saturday, Sept 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Other activities include dance, music performances, T-shirt making, film screenings, poetry reading and live painting.
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Historical Dreamer of the month: Gill-Scott Heron

Gil Scott-Heron’s video for “Me And The Devil”, out Feb 22. Taken from his forthcoming album “I’m New Here”

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Untitled from deAngelo Dia on Vimeo.

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i don’t get loud

“i don’t get loud”

Ever find yourself consumed with life, caged, boxed in? Only person holding the key is you. What would you do if no one was watching? If failure wasn’t an option? Run/ Scream? There is passion and self-understanding to be found through rage. Maybe it’s not rage, possibly it’s a matter of internal growth. There is No Escape from growth.
work in progress

Performance/life: Mr. M
video: Kyle Rippey
photography: 1518

GET LOUD {pipe}dre@mers!

{pipe}dre@ms: I don’t get loud from Kyle Rippey on Vimeo.