the dreamers

de’Angelo dia

{pipe}dre@m = photography, visual art 

meet de’Angelo dia
Conformity: Investigating public opinion and contemporary beliefs, Dia uses photography and performance art as a catalyst for dialogue while arousing public concern with social, political and racial issues. For more information visit

Ar statement: i’m extremely concerned wit the social conformity of this country. we each tend to live in self-inflicted boxes, caged in silent spaces. i’m tired of insecurity, of violence, victimization. my craft is an experimental examination of self, exploring the dichotomy of my identity, and finding my place in the universe. once free from these self inflicted chains, it is my intent to throw away the key.

Oh, by the way Elmo is the illest battle rapper ever.

Summer Affiliate Artist
April 12 – August 23, 2010

follow him at dia1518
also see him at McColl Artists in Residence//Alumni 


Kyle Rippey

{pipe}dre@m = videography

meet kyle
Kyle is currently a middle school science teacher at Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte, NC.  Film was first used by Kyle as an extension in the classroom having students create short films about science concepts.  Since then, Kyle has filmed promotional videos for schools and camps. He is currently working on a documentary for Winthrop University depicting the difficulty rural South Carolina schools have retaining teachers.  Kyle enjoys working with {pipe}dre@ms, a group of local Charlotte artists, to create visual art installations.  His work with the company A Backpack Journalist has included filming military youth and their families in military bases across the United States.  This work aims to depict the resiliency and strength of US military families, as well as the importance of the advancement of military youth and their ability to cope with deployment.


Jay Masanotti

{pipe}dre@m = sound art/DJ

meet jay 
Jay is an experimental sound artist and audio-visualist exploring notions of the universal connection via sound. Inspired by everyday life, pop culture, spiritual examination, and the sounds of the 90’s, his work has evolved into an examination of the intersection of the familiar and transcendent. Most recently, he has worked on a site-specific audio interactive public installation (UNCC Center City Building).

Artist statement: Through my creations, I attempt to express a sense of timelessness and a universal connection regardless of race, gender, or age. My artwork elevates the mundane to the level of art finding the sacred in everyday materials. I’ve found great inspiration through the works of cellist Paul Rucker, Bernhard Gal, and John Tsoi.


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